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Diana's Homegrown is a minority, woman-owned family business started in 2003. Our mission is to provide fresh, portable on-the-go prepackaged food as well as to create economic opportunity for our rural community. We have invented, patented, and manufactured a revolutionary packaging technology for the 21st century - POPPSystem!!

We have created a line of food products using our unique packaging. The POPPSystem allows food combinations to be packaged together, but kept separate until the consumer is READY TO EAT. The instant sandwich prep is simple-the inner pouch is removed depositing the contents into the bread creating a freshly-made sandwich. We can provide a product that has a longer shelf life, portability and freshness at no cost to taste or integrity of the product.


Our menu features freshly-baked bread using only the highest quality ingredients. Our menu is high protein, low carbohydrates, low sodium, and highly nutritious. Because we promote health, wellness and good nutrition, NO PRESERVATIVES, ADDITIVES, FILLERS, SALT OR SUGARS are added. We will make EVERY attempt to accommodate product variety and volume. Our patented 21st century packaging technology and manufacturing allows us to ramp up production on demand.

William AlsbrookIn 1964, former Tuskegee Airmen pilot and inventor William Alsbrook was doing research in a Chicago library. He pulled his lunch from his briefcase only to find his sandwich was soggy and an idea was born: to make a sandwich that would stay fresh. He died before he could market his innovation but his son, Reginald Alsbrook, promised his father he would make his idea a reality.

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